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About daycryptotrading


DayCryptoTrading is born in 2017 sunny summer with a simple idea in mind. To cover all the areas related with Cryptocurrencies, embracing solutions for mining, selling hardware and equipment, trading services and consulting to invest cleverly in blockchain projects, offering a honest and reliable information for this new financial asset.

There are many more ideas, but step by step they will become a reallity



Our mision is to bring the global audience to the cryptocurrencies and blockchain recent concept, doing it understandable, demistifying it and providing you with the required knowledge that took us a long time to acquire. We will do it explaining everything in a simple way, enjoyable but professional, and overall with quality.

We provide news, services and sales related with mining, plus coaching and training about investing in digital currencies.



We will be a disruptive company on the top of the spanish spoken countries in the next two years without losing sight on the english ones (thus you are reading this).

We are going to be a benchmark for the industry related to blockchain and digital currencies providing consulting services and training from mining to trading in cryptocurrencies plus one of the leaders in relevant news in the market.



All this will be carried with truthful and impartial information, transparent, with excellent quality and always keeping in mind that our audience deserved to be treated in a honest way as we would like to be treated

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.”

Mark Zuckerberg (Fundador de Facebook)


Behind the experience and personal quality of the team working in DayCryptoTrading there is something they share overall and links them:

Their willingness to learn, their strieve to improve and their passion for blockchain technology


Carolina Velasquez

Carolina Velasquez

Training and Trading Director

Marco Antonio

Marco Antonio

CTO - Hardware and Mining Director

Oscar Caravaca

Oscar Caravaca


Roberto Solé

Roberto Solé

News Director and Community Manager

Are you interested to become part of our team?



What do we offer?

Work remotely, at your pace and with your timetable.

What we ask for?

Proffesionalism and commited to the project, and of course you must fit the mision, vision and company values


We are looking for candidates in the following areas:

DayCryptoTrading wants to become an international reference, we look for people self motivated, with knowledge on any area in relation with blockchain, to translate content or why not to represent DayCryptoTrading on any area or country.

Collaborators to publish news, ICO investigation, interview people relevant in the sector.

As a rule we always verify the information with the intention to be truthful on anything we publish or inform

Como has visto, son varios los productos y servicios que ofrecemos. Por lo tanto también necesitamos embajadores y comerciales que nos ayuden a o distribuir

If you think you are suitable for any of those three profiles, or if you have got an idea that you want to realize, get in touch with us clicking the button below 🙂