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Coaching from Professional Traders to Traders

If you are reading this...

…we sincerely hope you have not been involved in those type of “services” that provide “signals” and “coachers” that are only interested in emptying your pocket to transfer your assets to theirs (typical pump & dump groups) or in best of cases, you just have taken the decission to progress in your career as investor or trader in cryptomarkets

Well, we have to tell you in that case that we show you how to fish, instead of providing fish in your table.

If you think your methodology has any deficience, if you are repeteadly generating losses, if you feel trapped often, then we offer you 1-to-1 coaching sessions.

On those sessions we analyze you knowledge, your operation methodology, your trading plan and we show you how to control your feelings and emotions.

With our Coaching prgram for traders and investors we have just one objective:


“Boost your knowledge and self-confidence,

because if we do it you can also do it”

Our Method

We can help you detecticng wrong acquired habits and helping you to design, define and achieve your goals on the following areas::

  • Risk Management y Money Management, and help you with your mental status and psychology required for trading Portfolio
  • Psychology,and how it impacts your trading operations
  • Your capacity to identify entries with a high benefit probability, and identify where you need to take profit and reinvesting it
  • We have helped many people to implment their trading strategy and adapt it to their mode of operation
  • Additionally we can also provide you with support if you are interested on using HaasBot, implementing your preferred methodologies or developing them on its own programming language