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Mining Bitcoin and other cryptos in Europe is not illegal, but it must follow statutory rules on each country

Commissioner of the European Union is concerned about the high electricity consumption of Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies, but highlights that this practice is not illegal and should be adapted to the regulatory framework of each country. These are excellent...

Binance fights back hackers

Binance fights back against hackers and offers $250k bounty to anyone providing valid information The one that comes being the second exchange by number of transactions according to data of Coinmarketcap,  Binance, continues doing a really spectacular task to defend...

Bitcoin payments not taxable in Germany

 The German Ministry of Finance recently declared that it would treat cryptocurrency purchases just like fiat purchases, hence would only be subject to the standard VAT norms. Bitcoin will be viewed as equivalent to a legal tender when it comes to tax in Germany....

Lescovex announces the launch of its trading platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets.

Lescovex is a platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets. A tool that, through Ethereum’s smart contracts technology, simplifies the process of tokenizing any good or digital asset. At the same time, the platform offers an online market where all kinds...

Bitcoin analisis of price 28 february 2018

As we had said, we did not expect the Bitcoin Private Hardfork to affect the price of Bitcoin and thus it has remained unchanged to the event, something that did not happen with ZCL that once the snapshot collapsed 87% The price of Bitcoin in one day charts has...

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 27th February 2018

We continue our daily Techninal Analysis with Bitcoin. So far since we started this daily section last week we have been 100% accurate. Will we be able to keep this accuracy? Tomorrow with more Bitcoin analysis it will let us know the answer. We have to admit, that...

Bitcoin Análisis técnico 26 de Febrero de 2018

Seguimos con nuestro análisis técnico diario de Bitcoin. De momento y desde que empezamos a analizarlo a diario la semana pasada llevamos un 100% de acierto. ¿Seremos capaces de seguir así? Mañana más Bitcoin... Hemos de admitir, que nos ha sorprendido Bitcoin en el...

The guy that bought two pizzas with 10.000 Bitcoins in 2010, does it again, but using Lightning Network

Laszlo Hanyecz, the guy that spent 10.000 Bitcoin to buy two pizzas back in 2010, on what is known as the first buying transaction against a physical product, has done the same again, but this time he has used Lightning Network. One of the most known stories in the...

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